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Welcome to

A free genealogical database that anyone can edit

72 historic individuals from all over the world

If the page name already exists, then the editor for that page will open. To create a different page, try adding birth and death dates.

Getting Started

To create a biography, type in a name into the box above, or click "Add a Person" on the left sidebar. When you enter a name, you will be taken to a blank editor page with an empty "Person" template. From here, simply enter the known information about that person. If some of the information is not known, simply leave it blank. You can always go back and add more information.

|name        =
|image       =
|image_size  =
|birth_date  =
|death_date  =
|birth_place =
|death_place =
|father      =
|mother      =
|partner1    = 

To link individuals in a tree, make sure to define the father and mother of a person as their exact page name. For example, if Joe Smith Jr. (1900-2000) has a father Joe Smith Sr. (1850-1950), then use the complete page name Joe Smith Sr. (1850-1950) as the father's name.

|father = Joe Smith Sr. (1850-1950)

Just like Wikipedia, there cannot be two pages that have the same name. Therefore, if a person's name is already taken, try adding a birth and death date (i.e. 1900-2000).

Joe Smith (1900-2000)

If there is an approximate birth or death date, use the letter "c." for circa.

Joe Smith (c.1815-1900)

If one of the dates is not known, use a "?".

Joe Smith (?-1812)

If the page name with dates is still taken, try adding a place location.

Joe Smith (1900-2000) (Pennsylvania)

For more than one spouse, change the ending number consecutively.

|partner1 = Mary Smith (1900-1940)
|partner2 = Elizabeth Jones (1900-1950)
|partner3 = Anna Brown (1900-1960)

Once a page has been created, you can use the regular wiki-syntax to talk about a person. For example, one can use equal signs to make sections, input files and pictures throughout the page, and make proper citations.