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Mathias Peter King
Born(1840-05-09)May 9, 1840
DiedApril 16, 1910(1910-04-16) (aged 69)

Early Life

Mathias was born on May 9th, 1840 in North Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania to Joseph C. King, a miller, and Elizabeth Rodabaugh. His baptismal record is found in the Brush Creek Evangelical Church records. Mysteriously, the King family cannot be found in the 1850 census, even after an extensive search. At the age of 20, Mathias is seen living with Francis M. Null and his family in the nearby East Huntingdon Township. His occupation is listed as "Farm Laborer," and was probably working on the Null farm. The rest of his family was also living nearby in East Huntingdon Township, indicating that the King family had moved sometime between 1840-1860. Soon after the end of the Civil War, Mathias married Mary Ann "Polly" Breegle. It is known that Mathias had worked many years with the H.C. Frick Coke Company, which operated Coke ovens throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. By 1890, Mathias had become Postmaster of Tarrs, a nearby village. As postmaster, he was the enumerator for the 1890 Veterans schedule, which detailed any Civil War veterans living nearby.

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